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The Dove Microphone System

It is our opinion that phantom is, at best, an outdated -albeit convenient- anachronism. While it is indeed functional, it promotes design homogenization and places a glass ceiling over performance. Work around after work around has been implemented to sidestep the inherent performance limitations, and all require work arounds of their own (dc to dc converters/oscillators etc). It is one of the only times in audio (at least the only surviving and popular one) that a major design portion -the power supply- has been “standardized” and relegated outside the hands of the original equipment designers. Not forcibly, but by weight of ubiquity, convenience, and an overall “good enough” attitude. It encourages complacency on the side of designers and shapes the minds of engineers, and the industry as a whole, to unknowingly have a series of expectations based entirely on simply historical ubiquity, not performance or fidelity.

The Dove is designed to address these points, and to show that not everything needs to be a version of something else, that there can be new sonic possibilities, originality, and higher fidelity, and it can be had at a cost that all working professionals can afford….while still being completely domestically made. Our design achieves greater drive, greater linearity and lower distortions for a given signal level. The Dove has higher headroom and more current, there is a natural beauty when the electronics aren’t restricted to a lower performing standard. They get out of the way of the music and allow the microphone to do what it is designed to do….capture a performance without compromise.

There should be a purpose behind innovation, but there should never be a loss of imagination. We should always question the status quo.

The first commercial microphone with servo’d outputs.
The first commercial microphone with a bipolar supply without the use of dc to dc converters or oscillators.
The only commercial microphone with low mass large diaphragms.
The highest drive capability of any commercial microphone.


There is always a better way.

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The Archangel Passive Gain Pre-Amplifier

Passive gain, a concept that at first seems non intuitive, but is in actuality extraordinarily simple. Achieved via a series of step up transformers (in our case Jensen and Lundahl) the gain in this circuit is practically noiseless, with lower distortion for a given level (in which what little there is drops with increasing frequency). Having what little non-linearities based on a different set of conditions (BH loop/inductance etc) provides a very different sonic palette than active devices. Its gain is clean but natural, high in headroom but linear, accurate but beautiful.

An autoformer controlled output ensures that our signal to noise never decreases when attenuated, that there is never any interaction between stages (traditional resistive volume pots are between stages, as are traditional gain controls), and every step of (3dB) attenuation decreases the reflected source impedance (drive capabilities actually increase when you turn it down). Tonality and character remain constant and stable (there is no “sweet spot” when using this pre). A truly high performance, high fidelity design. Made domestically, full of purpose, passion and innovation…the Archangel is quite literally one of kind.

The only commercially available all passive gain preamp.
The only commercially available transformer and tube preamp with no coupling caps.
The only commercially available preamp with autoformer output control.


Original. Passionate. Innovative.

Archangel final

RAS Archangel wallpaper

The Thunderbird Microphone System

An assault on the tubed status quo, the Thunderbird redefines the abilities of the tube+transformer microphone. It is the first capacitor-free LDC microphone. No coupling capacitor from the capsule. No capacitor on the output. Using current sinks, bipolar power, and a never before used tube (6c45pi), the Thunderbird allows us to express the tube microphone in a whole new way. More importantly, it allows you to experience tube microphones in a different way.

With a low mass diaphragm, an American made capsule, and never before used microphone topology, you can now capture the true fidelity and beauty of sound. In keeping with our microphone design philosophies, the Thunderbird has more current on tap than a typical microphone topology can provide. This is a natural extension of the exceptional industrial design Ronin Applied Sciences is known for. The Thunderbird is the harbinger of a new era in tube microphones.

­The only commercially available microphone with no coupling capacitors.
­The only commercially available microphone with the high performance 6c45pi tube.
­The only commercially available tube microphone with bipolar power.


Creative. Powerful. Inspired.

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RAS Thunderbird wallpaper