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The Dove & Archangel

“…When I heard Sasha’s vocal through it, I stopped caring about whether it had unicorn blood, tubes, transformers, electricity, or steam in it.

It’s an amazing microphone in front of an amazing singer, and I was completely stoked at what I was hearing.”

…Joel Hamilton – Studio G Brooklyn


“…the Dove and Archangel have that something that makes recording a magical pursuit

Really. I feel confident saying that in print.”

…Joel Hamilton – Studio G Brooklyn


The Pegasus (No Longer Available)

“Instant classic, a new mic with real tone….

…The Pegasus is built with quality in mind and you can hear it.”…”It really deserves its place next to the greats in any mic closet.”

…Producer/Engineer François Lalonde (Celine Dion)


“This is the tube microphone as re-designed by Steve Jobs.”


…Justin Colletti – Sonic Scoop


“Pegasus doesn’t sound like a U 47, U 67, C 12 or 251, but it is every bit as good as any of them.”

…Amazingly, it costs a fraction of the price these other mics command.”

…Allen Farmelo – Tape Op Magazine


“The Pegasus was stunning…

…I have never heard the detail in the rosin and strings emerge with such elegance and complexity, and somehow, those airy, effortless highs were well-merged with the lows and lower-mids to form a very unified sound.”

…Reed Black – Vinegar Hill Studios


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