About UsWho we are and what we believe.

Why Design Matters…

Design is the physical language through which ideas are expressed. Great ideas can be strangled by poor design of any kind, or they can flourish with loving design. It is an all encompassing, holistic art in and of itself. Ever changing in its form, but unflinchingly consistent in its affect, design allows for an elegant integration of concept and reality.

Design is the child of engineering and art. Design matters.

Our designs.

Imagination is key. Divergent and lateral thinking is embraced. Curiosity and persistence is encouraged. There are no designs created that are interpretations of classics, none that pay tribute to vintage lore, none that take inspiration from the past, and none that attempt to recreate the magic of another time.

Naturally, all who discover and create stand on the shoulders of giants. The crux of the philosophical issue is which giants you stand upon and where to point your gaze. We have chosen differently than all others. We exist to test the boundaries and to draw new lines. We challenge the current paradigm, and push the ideas of what beautiful microphones can and should be. We exist to provide a unique perspective, unparalleled design concepts, and for the love of sound and art.

What should a microphone sound like?

“…Like someone transformed you into electrons, bathed you in current, accelerated you to light speed so that time no longer affected you…all while metallic, mechanical, miracles tended to your every need.” – Dimitri Wolfwood

A point of interest.

“The classical man is just a bundle of routine, ideas and tradition. When he acts he is translating every living moment in terms of the old. When one is not expressing himself, he is not free. Thus, he begins to struggle and the struggle breeds methodical routine. Soon, he is doing his methodical routine as response rather than responding to what is.” – Bruce Lee


Dimitri Wolfwood designs for the purposes of personal freedom, and the love of captured sound. He does not hold allegiance to topology or era, popular trends, or historic weight; but rather to creativity, sound, passion, and performance.

“Tubes, transistors, transformers, op-amps…none matter in the larger scale of things. All that matters is the beauty of design. With this, one can cultivate the philosophy best in service of innovation and sound.” – Dimitri Wolfwood.

Dimitri Wolfwood