We have one goal at Ronin Applied Sciences: ‚Äčto create new and original recording tools with uncompromising performance. Our products are built to the highest attainable standards, rendering acoustics with beauty and fidelity. These products are our way of elevating the recorded world, and it is our genuine desire to set the new standard for our industry.

Why Design Matters

It is the tangible expression of thought, thus one can see the desires and ideals of the designer through the design.

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Our Methods

To create with a dynamic, adaptive, open ended framework. There is no dogma, only observation and response with technology.

Goodbye Phantom Power

It is our opinion that phantom is, at best, an outdated -albeit convenient- anachronism.

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Our Vision

To reconstitute the idea of fidelity, performance, and design. Our products stand as testament to a new microphone ideal.

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